Rapidly build your skills in effective leadership

What does effective leadership mean to you?

Are you about to step up to a more senior role? Or perhaps you have recently been promoted and realise that you need different skills to achieve at this level? Or are you starting your own business and need to lead the way?

An effective leader is someone others want to follow.  When you lead a team or organisation, you will set the vision and direction.  How you communicate this will inspire others to take action and help make this vision become real.  People contribute most when they have a sense of purpose.  Leaders make a difference by talking up the shared purpose and creating the conditions for success.

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I have found that there are four keys to being an effective leader:

  1. Be yourself and lead from your values.  Express these clearly, so others know what you stand for and the guiding principles that inform your decision-making.
  2. Develop a clear vision of a compelling future.  Explain what the vision means to others personally.  Inspire others and empower them to take action.
  3. Influence through powerful communication.  Listen first, to understand others, then you will be able to convince them to join you.  Show your passion – this is infectious and motivating.
  4. Lead by example. Calculate the risks, take decisions and encourage action.  A results-oriented approach and willingness do what it takes will result in high performance.

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Become the leader you are meant to be

Amanda says: Many of the managers I work with are relieved when they discover they can be themselves, they don’t have to be a stereotype of a “charismatic leader”.  Once they start to focus on self-awareness and understanding their strengths (and weaknesses), this frees them up to develop their own style of effective leadership.

Effective leaders deliver up to 3 times more to the bottom line than those with just technical ability (Goleman), so developing your leadership skills is well worth the investment.

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4 Keys to being an effective leader

Read about how to apply the four keys and become a leader others want to follow.

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