Leadership and Management Training

Whether it is a culture change initiative which requires numbers of people to undertake training to upgrade their skills, or whether it is simply that the company is investing in developing the skills and capability of managers and leaders, ABC will design and deliver a training programme that perfectly matches your needs.

Examples of popular training programmes:

Leadership – workshops combined with coaching:

Start with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (personality profile) and individual coaching sessions to feed back the findings of the profile and discuss learning objectives.  Individuals also complete pre-work to prepare them for the programme.

3 Modules:  These are highly interactive 1-2 day workshops, encouraging group work to put the learning into practice and allow reflection time to consolidate the experiences.

1. Lead self – self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication and influencing, and establishing your leadership style.

2. Lead others – teamwork, motivating and engaging others, collaboration, developing team members and dealing with difficult situations

3. Lead the organisation – developing strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, understanding organisational culture and leading change.

Individual coaching after each module to ensure the learning is put into action.

Note: Any of these topics can be delivered as a separate workshop.

Coaching skills for managers:

2-day workshop on coaching skills and process, including practise opportunities, plus a half-day practice follow-up a few weeks later.

Developing and retaining talent for managers: 

1-day workshop on the role of the manager in supporting the careers of their team members; includes numerous techniques for keeping people engaged in their work and with the company.

Amanda says, “I love working with leaders over time and seeing how they progress as they implement the learning. Working in a group has the added benefit of multiple views and experiences, so it is a very rich learning ground for participants.  Many organisations use this approach to help their managers and leaders build their networks across the organisation, which supports a cohesive leadership culture.”