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Management and leadership training

  • Does your employee survey show that there is a need to improve the quality and effectiveness of managers and leaders?
  • Do you find that managers struggle to know how to create a productive work environment and build high-performing teams?
  • Is the organisation undergoing a culture change initiative?
  • Is the company planning to invest in developing the skills and capability of managers and leaders?

ABC will design and deliver a learning programme that matches your needs and budget and results in the change you are seeking.  To meet the demands and pace of work, ABC can design the learning to fit into busy schedules. We can run short classroom modules of a half-day or day if managers find it difficult to take time out of work.  Ideally we will combine these with coaching – either one-to-one or in small groups to support the managers in implementing the skills and techniques.  We can also use off-line learning to provide further information for those who want to explore the topics in more detail.

If-you-change-nothingExamples of popular programmes:

Leadership programme:

Before the workshop:    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (personality profile) with individual coaching sessions on the profile and learning objectives.

3 Workshop modules:    Highly interactive to experience, discuss and reflect and put the learning into practice.

  1. Lead self – self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication/influencing and establishing your leadership style.
  2. Lead others – teamwork, motivating and engaging others, collaboration, developing team members and dealing with difficult situations
  3. Lead the organisation – strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, understanding organisational culture and leading change.

After the workshops:    As putting the learning into action is the most important part, the classroom modules are complemented by individual coaching (often done by phone) or Action Learning Sets.  This continues after the modules to encourage sustainable implementation. Note: Any of these topics can be delivered as a separate workshop.

Coaching skills for managers:

2-day workshop on coaching skills and process, including practise opportunities, plus a half-day practise follow-up a few weeks later.

Developing potential:

1-day workshop on the role of the manager in supporting the careers of their team members; includes numerous techniques for keeping people engaged in their work and with the company.

“The diverse group lent an opportunity to engage in multiple perspectives. The programme gave the opportunity for self-reflection and provided tools needed for improvement; tools that could easily be applied in most work environments. Amanda was clear, supportive and passionate in delivering the valuable lessons. I would recommend ABC.” Laurie F, CFO

Amanda says, “I love working with managers over time and seeing how they progress as they implement the learning. Working in a group offers multiple views and experiences, so it is rich learning for participants. Many organisations use this approach to help their managers build their networks and support a cohesive leadership culture.”

Team building

team-meetingMost people achieve results through working with others, either a group of people who contribute to the task or project, or a team who have a shared task, with a common outcome.

If you are about to start a new project or know your team or group is not achieving the quality results it should be, contact me to find out how ABC could help.

High performing teams have a shared sense of purpose and mutual dependency, effective interactions and open communication. Each person in the team knows their role and understands their contribution to the team’s success, taking responsibility to ensure they deliver as well as supporting others to deliver. ABC can design learning to meet the needs of your team, starting where they are at and showing them how to reach high performance.

  • Team-activityTeam-building is activity-based, designed to support the team members in recognising what it takes to be effective as a team.  It may include a personality profile beforehand, which can then be used as the framework for improving communication and relationships.  For outdoor activities, ABC partners with specialist providers.
    • Team coaching takes a similar approach to individual coaching, but works with the whole team at the same time.  We may use personality profiles or other feedback tools to support the coaching.  This will be dialogue-based, with the coach responding to the needs of the team and working with the team to achieve the team’s goals.  Team coaching is a programme of team sessions over time to build sustainable capability in the team.

Amanda says, “Team coaching can be very demanding for all concerned, and the deep understanding and shared commitments it generates are highly empowering for the team, motivating them to achieve great results.” 

Facilitating groups or teams

Top team facilitation

When the Top Team is not functioning properly as an integrated unit with shared objectives, then you can’t expect the rest of the organisation to be high performing. Top Teams have a special role to play in modelling the culture and expectations for the whole organisation. It is important that they demonstrate trust in each other; this enables trust throughout the company and oils the wheels of collaboration and teamwork.

  • Is yours a newly-formed team? Or perhaps you haven’t gelled well yet? If you notice that the top team is not focussing on the important strategic goals and that meetings are not achieving the desired results, contact ABC for a no-obligation discussion on how to achieve team cohesion and high performance.

Amanda says, “Where the team members agree to coaching, it is often best to provide different coaches, so that the leaders can be confident that their issues will remain confidential.”

  • Maybe you have some highly challenging work to do as a top team – strategic thinking or creative problem-solving – and would benefit from an independent facilitator to smooth the process and interaction. ABC is pleased to work with your team in an ad-hoc way to ensure you get the best from the team members.

Project teams

7K0A0597Many organisations have a matrix structure. This flexible structure is aimed at enabling people to come together to collaborate on projects and demands high levels of adaptability and teamwork. Facilitated project team kick-off or review meetings can help team members to progress rapidly through the early stages of forming a team. They are clear on their shared purpose and generate ways of working together that will sustain them through the life of the project.

Contact Amanda to discuss your situation

Strategy and change planning

Strategic thinking

ABC works with the top team and relevant stakeholders to ensure that all perspectives are included in the strategic planning. This may include interviews with relevant stakeholders, research into the industry and the competitors to ensure that the key players provide the relevant information needed by all to consider the strategic options. ABC then designs and facilitates the strategy awayday(s) to involve the right people in the discussions and facilitate effective decision-making.

Leading change

Research shows that most large change projects fail to deliver the planned outcomes; you can reduce this risk by focussing attention on the key factors that enable successful change. When your strategy demands change, we work with you to plan this and to lead the implementation of the change project to success. Precisely what is required will depend on your specific circumstances, so contact us to discuss this further.

Amanda says, “It’s worth remembering Kotter’s 8 factors for successful change:

  1. Establish a sense of urgency
  2. Create a powerful coalition
  3. Create a vision
  4. Communicate the vision
  5. Empower others to act on the vision
  6. Plan for and create short-term wins
  7. Allow sufficient time to consolidate improvements
  8. Anchor changes in the organisation’s culture.” 

MAPP technology

Many situations are typical events for a company and MAPP have researched the common factors to take into account, from this they have developed planning templates for:
Screen shot 2015-11-10 at 10.59.27Start-up
Business growth
Office move
Key negotiations

The MAPP System comprises two main elements, one physical and the other online.

First we work with the MAPP ‘plan in a box’, to discuss the strategic questions and agree high-level actions.   The plan is very visual and allows an overview of the goal, start point, plan and timeline for actions.

Most teams enjoy using the ‘plan in a box’ and this makes the development and agreement of strategy much easier and quicker.  As the process is facilitated by ABC, it works smoothly, flows well and any internal issues within the team can be handled effectively.  This guarantees you will end up with a business plan all are happy with.

Critical for success is implementing the plan successfully.  Your plan is transposed to the online MAPP system and this can be shared, monitored and updated by all those involved in implementing the strategy.  This most powerful element of The MAPP supports co-ordinated action, and a plan is useless without action.

Follow-up is essential to see the plan brought to life and action taken, ABC supports the team by facilitating review meetings, and providing coaching support to individuals for specific challenges.  This helps keep you on track and motivated to make your goal a reality.

Make strategy and planning a core competence in your company through this fast, simple and effective method.

This method can also be used for projects and processes.  For more information on making planning easy, contact ABC.

“It’s easy with ABC”