What’s going on in your brain?

Your thoughts drive what you say and do, so you want your thinking to be balanced, positive and helpful – your best friend.  But your mind can also be your worst enemy, beating you up for your inadequacies and filling you with doubt. Too often, your mind sabotages your potential and generates stress, anxiety, and unhappiness.

We all have negative and positive thoughts and feelings; which would you want to dominate your thinking? I’m sure you would say, “Positive!” Yet for many of us the negative are the louder and more frequent voices.

Do you get frustrated and angry with yourself when you make a mistake?

If yes, this is a common example of negative and unhelpful thinking. When you judge yourself in this way, it makes you feel bad and can zap your confidence. Then you approach the next task with uncertainty. Uncertainty can lead to a slippery slope of negative thinking and poor mental fitness.

While the emotion can be useful to indicate something is wrong, it doesn’t help you to wallow in that emotion. Instead, you need to accept that you have made a mistake and see what you could do differently. This allows you to learn and not repeat the error.

This is how positive thinking works. The more you use your positive thinking muscles, the greater your mental fitness.


Saboteur or Sage

Analysis of the wide range of emotions and the associated thinking by Shirzad Chamine (www.positiveintelligence.com) has identified 10 common saboteurs (negative thought/emotion patterns) and 5 sage (positive thinking/emotion patterns). One of the 10 saboteurs is the ‘Judge’ – the most common – you can discover which of the other 9 saboteurs frequently mess with your thinking, by completing the quick self-assessment on the website.

The Positive Intelligence (PQ) breakthrough, research-based tools strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quieten the part that sabotages you. This mental fitness programme teaches you to regain control of your mind, quieten those saboteurs and strengthen the sage. You will be able to handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset, and less stress.

We call this mental fitness.


Experience the mental fitness benefits almost immediately

Improve your performance at work

  • Use your emotional intelligence to manage your energy and influence others positively
  • Improve your problem-solving and creative thinking for better solutions and decisions
  • See where you need to invest in your own learning and how you can support others’ learning
  • Collaborate effectively in teamwork, dealing successfully with conflict

Improve well-being

  • Manage stress effectively
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Increase happiness

Strengthen relationships

  • Learn to love yourself unconditionally and have empathy for others
  • Manage differences of opinion and conflict
  • Appreciate others and value your relationships for their life-affirming support

 “The Positive Intelligence and coaching programme has made a huge difference to how I manage myself in leadership team meetings. I now understand how to influence effectively and get people onside not in conflict. I’m enjoying my role now and feel I can make a difference, be myself and be amazing.”           E.D.

Cost / Benefit

How much time do you invest in your physical fitness?  If you’re anything like me, you’re probably trying to do something for 30-60 minutes three times a week and feel it isn’t enough for real fitness.  Let’s forget about the weeks when we don’t make it at all!

The mental fitness 7-week intensive programme asks you to invest about 20 minutes a day and, even better, most learning videos and exercises are delivered in short chunks of 2-5 minutes.  Surely it is easy enough to find 5 minutes four times a day! Little and often helps you to develop new positive habits.

This mental fitness programme helps you to control your thoughts and emotions. By strengthening your self-command, you can choose to activate your positive intelligence and deal with the challenges of work and life successfully.

No more struggling to cope with stress, anxiety, guilt, shame and other negative emotions and thoughts. You will build the habit of tuning in to your empathy, curiosity, creativity, values-based decisions, and focused action.

Mental fitness enables you to:

  • perform well at work
  • build stronger relationships
  • manage your well-being

Enrol now in a mental fitness and positive intelligence programme

Do you want to remain calm, clear-headed, and able to deal with life’s challenges?  Imagine what could become possible for your performance, your relationships and your well-being.

Find out more about the packages available to you:

  1. The mental fitness programme (7-week intensive with daily activity)
  2. The 7-week programme and monthly group coaching sessions for a year
  3. The mental fitness programme and one-to-one coaching sessions for up to six months

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