“Amanda provides something that is a rare find – coaching that is demanding but enjoyable.  Coaching from Amanda really has made a difference, ensuring both personal and business benefits.”


“Amanda was well-prepared and very knowledgeable.  Style was good especially in that it facilitated class-mate mutual help and encouragement.”

“The event worked very well in a relaxed and informal setting with a trusting group.  Topics were presented very effectively at a good pace.  Amanda was 1st class.”

“Content was timely and well aligned by coach to the current environment.  Superb facilitator. Easy going non-judgmental style.”

“Amanda was again a presenter of very high standard.”

“Overall the 3 modules have been great, really good to have them over 6 months to allow time to practice.  Very good presenters.”

“Very competent, set all of us at our ease, great people to learn and have fun with.“

“Approach was pitch perfect, getting the balance right and the best out of the delegates.”