Resources on Leadership and Management Skills

Shaking hands on successHow to be an authentic leader

It’s a myth that you have to be a chrismatic leader.   Actually the best leaders are those who know themselves are are true to themselves, letting their light shine, so others can shine too.  This paper takes a look at what is needed to be an authentic leader.  Download ‘How to be an authentic leader‘ and start to build your leadership capability.

Influence and Persuasion

Have you ever wondered how it is that some people succeed in influencing and persuading, where others don’t even though they may have a good logical case?  Dr. Robert Cialdini pulled together many decades of research and experimentation into the subject in his book “Influence: Science and Practice” – well worth a read.  I attended his training programme and compiled a brief summary of the 6 core principles.  You too can access these simple principles and use them in your influencing.  Download Principles of Persuasion here.

 Delegating to Enable Growth

It’s often a challenge to accept that you have to let go of some of the tasks you enjoy and delegate these to your team members.  But it is essential to do this in order for the business /team to grow.   You need to take on different tasks as you grow your business / operation and when you delegate tasks, this will develop your team members too.  Research shows that a key factor in retaining good people is the opportunity for growth, so this is a win/win/win.  Download this brief guide on delegation here.

Stress  Dealing with stress

Today’s pace is so rapid and the amount of information and demands coming at us daily is so great that it   is easy to feel overwhelmed and rushed.  Bring some control back into your life by practising mindfulness on a daily basis – this is proven to develop a sense of inner calm leading to better thinking and quality decision-making.  Download these mindfulness exercises and try them out now.

How the brain works – lessons from Neuroscience  brain

We understand a lot more about how our brains work, thanks to the studies of Neuroscience.  The  question is, what can we do with this knowledge?  This article explains some of the functioning and provides techniques for handling our brain reactions as individuals and things to consider when dealing with change in organisations to minimise the natural human reactions to the perceived threats of change.  Download How the brain works to affect performance” and improve your change mangement style.

MAPP Plan-in-a-box


Using The MAPP to make business strategy and planning easy

Why do people groan, when you mention the word Planning?  It doesn’t need to be a painful exercise, in fact thinking through vision, strategy and plans can be engaging and fun.  The shared understanding and commitment from having done this together plays back in how quickly people put the plan into action and the rewards of seeing results.  This article shares the experience of a facilitated MAPP planning session to illustrate how it can work.  This tool is taking off, see why here: Have fun using The MAPP article

More resources coming soon, if there is a topic you would like to see some guidance on, please email me with your suggestion.  I will aim to post guidance tips on subjects within my field of expertise.rolex replica comprarrolex replica submariner watchtag heuer genuine or fakethe best replica rolex watches


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