High performing teams have a shared sense of purpose and mutual dependency, effective interactions and open communication.  Each person in the team knows their role and understands their contribution to the team’s success, taking responsibility to ensure they deliver as well as supporting others to deliver.  Contact ABC if you would like to develop high performance in your team.

Team-building is usually a range of activities designed to support the team members in recognising what it takes to be effective as a team.  It may include a psychometric profile beforehand, which can then be used as the framework for improving communication and relationships.

Team coaching takes the same approach as individual coaching, but works with the whole team at the same time.  This will be dialogue-based, with the coach responding to the needs of the team and working with the team to achieve the team’s goal(s).

Amanda says, “Team coaching can be very demanding for all concerned, and the deep understanding and shared commitments it generates are highly empowering for the team, motivating them to achieve great results.”

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