Be an effective leader

An effective leader is someone others want to follow.  Are you at a stage in your career where you want to become such a leader?  There are four key aspects:

Achieving GoalsBe authentic, don’t put on a persona to be a leader, but lead from your values.  Articulate these clearly, so others know what you stand for and the guiding principles that inform your decision-making.

Have a vision of where you want to get to.  Promote this widely and consistently, and help others understand what the overall vision means to them personally and through this engage them to pursue the vision.  Inspire others and empower them to take action towards this vision and goals.

Influence others through great communication.  Express your messages persuasively and convincingly and listen to your people so they feel understood.  Show your passion – this is infectious and motivating.

be an effective leader

Most importantly, take action.  Calculate the risks, take decisions appropriately and encourage action.  A results-oriented approach and willingness do what it takes to make progress towards those goals will result in high performance.

Many of the leaders I work with are relieved when they discover they can be themselves, they don’t have to be a stereotype of a “charismatic leader”.  Once they start to focus on self-awareness and understanding their strengths (and weaknesses), this frees them up to develop their own style of effective leadership.

Being an effective leader makes a significant difference to the performance of the team and to the bottom line (up to 3 times as much difference as strong technical ability).

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